Bracket order and cover order margin requirements

Theoretically bracket order needs less margin requirements than cover orders but zerodha has only one common bracket order and cover order calculator. How is this possible? So can you please confirm that the common BO & CO calculator actually reflects which margin requirements the BO or CO? Can you please confirm. I am confused. According to my understanding both should have separate margin requirements and thus separate calculators. Please help me clarify this confusion.

Hi Deb,

If you look at BO and CO, the one thing that is special and common to them is the the mandatory stop-loss leg, now the advantage to the broker (Zerodha in this case) and to the client is that the the loss is limited, so the leverage for both is the same, now the leverage in each case also depends on how close you place the stop-loss to your initial execution price, the closer the stop-loss the higher is the leverage , the more far it is, the lesser are chances of the stop-loss getting hit, hence leverage will be lower.
So yes, the leverage is the same, BO comes with the advantage of target and also optional trailing stop loss feature.
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