Bracket order example for abc script price 5. 00 of 1000 qty pls



Price 5.0 qty -1000


stop loss-4.45

if my buy order of 5.0 rs 1000 qty is executed,but no target and stop loss is executed

1)it automatically sqyare off at 3,20 pm

2)will it charged seperately like

for buy order-20 rs

for target-20 rs(if executed)

3)rd scenerio is completely different

if current market price is 4.80

so buy market is not exected

​but it goes below 4.45

will my stop loss is Executed( that is sell 1000 qty) at 4.45 before Buy order is executed???

1)YOU will be charged only 0.05 rs. for you buy order and approx. same at the time of squareoff bcz zerodha brokerage is .01% or Rs.20 (whichever is higher)

2) for making sure that your stoploss order doesn't get missed you should also mention the Trigger Price at which your stoploss order goes to exchange .