Bracket order for index/stock futures

Hi, I wanted to know :-
1> If bracket orders are available for stock/index futures in kite or we we can only use cover order for the same.
2> what function does the limit and SL do in the bracket order window for stock futures??

Screenshot Below

Hey @Jagz

Bracket orders are available for Stock & index futures.

You can choose the entry leg of your Bracket order to be either a Limit order or a Stop loss order.

An example of this would be used is - A Breakout. Assume the price of a stock is Rs 100. You think that 105 is a resistance level & if the price goes above it, you expect a breakout. In this case you can place a BO, entry with SL, to place a trigger at 105.5 & your price at 106.

Check out this article for more on SL orders.

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You unnecessarily asked first question if you think second question is valid

There was a glitch before kite 3.0, if the markets were closed, sl-m was available in bracket order, only when the markets were open , kite showed proper order types. Still learning markets so not a big deal for me :sweat_smile