Bracket order for Nifty options

Can you please revert back with an example for placing Bracket order for Nifty put or call option?

I know it would be based on personal preferences but what’s the optimum value to be set for target, SL & trailing SL in absolute terms.

Thanks in advance.

For BO, go through the below link.

How much loss one can withstand per order totally depends on individual and there is no optimum value.

One should figure it out by thyself.

Hi Durgesh, Iam active trader of Nifty Options

I recommend only Nifty Call Put, that too only Buy.

I Normally put Rs 15 absolute as stop loss

Example:- Buy Nifty Call at Rs 120, Stop Loss at 105, Trailing the Stop loss at an interval of 5 Rs

Thats my Strategy:-

View this answer for detailed analysis

Regards and happy Trading


Bracket Orders on Kite is simpler… provides detailed explanation.

Which option do you buy? ITM/ATM/OTM
What you keep as your target price, if your SL is Rs.15?