Bracket order issues


My name BABU,

Please explain solution to my problem in interaday trading when i used bracket order, say when i bought eg: Reliance share x price, qty 2000 nos, i received some 20 to 25 multiple trades with trigger price an sell open orders, when i saw a good price to sell, i had a difficulty in modifying all the open orders and it crossed my desired price to, hence i lost a good chance to sell immediately by closing all trades at once. could any body let me know how to sell 20 to 25 trades of a particular sock immediately.

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Just press exit all orders will be exited at market price, if you exit manually you have to pay separate brokerage.

This type of problem can be converted into hi profits range.

I will explain you with an example,

Let us consider that you are buying hundred stock of reliance.

Your target is five points

Your order is excuted in number small volume.

Now you can exit your position instantly by clicking exit button.

Another situation may be there

You can manually change the values to extend the profit range.

If the stock is moving more than five points then you can still book profit.

If the stock started to move down you will have minimum loss.

Mostly change the high volume lots to book profit first then you can wait next move

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