Bracket orders

bracket orders.

in nifty futures market is at 8025. when i am asked to sell at 8010.

how am i put the limit order so that i exactly sell at 8010.

bracket order is an order with a stop-loss defined simulataneously .

you are asking is a limit order .

FOR PI :- choose buy order , select limit option , give absolute value on which u want the order execute . it gets executed automatically

contact customer care for other platforms .

See this video to learn how to place bracket&cover order,

If I understand your Question correctly, you want to place a SELL BRACKET ORDER, at a price lower than the market price. This is not possible in bracket orders as you can enter only with a LIMIT PRICE in Brackets orders.

You can however do the same using normal SELL ORDER by selecting STOL LOSS Order type. Hence if you want to sell at 8010 when the market is at 8025, then you can place a SL-L or SL-M sell order with trigger price of 8010 and it will execute once the order is triggered.

However this is not possible in Bracket orders as it takes only LIMIT order while entering a position.

thanks u understood me correctly.