Break-up of Right Issue price of ArvindF-RE

Can anyone tell me the what will be the various amounts required to be paid. For example, what amount at the time of application, 1st call, 2nd call etc. Please reply fast as today is the last day for RE shares.

@mohitmehra can you.

i have purchased it at 31.50 today and now it is 37 around. Is there any way to sell this. If I sell what will be the auction price?

RE’s are settled on Trade-To-Trade basis, which means you can’t Buy and Sell them on the same day, you can Sell only after T+2 days. With RE’s trading window stopping today that isn’t an option for you.

Now all you can do is apply for Arvind Fashion’s rights shares to not lose the premium you paid to buy RE. The window to apply for rights shares is open until 17th July.

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