Breakout or Fakeout

Is this a breakout or a fakeout?

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POWER OF AVWAP. Once the range breaks, then will go for it and hold until the price closes below EMA band. But would appreciate if expert traders could give their views on this stock fundementally.

Can we expect a rally or just another trap?

Can this continue?

There is a U shaped support JUST above the BLUE Line. If it is previous day’s High then it is a guaranteed bullish signal.

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There is a U shaped support JUST above the previous resistance (High). It is a very strong bullish signal.

More charts incoming.

Hindusthan copper started trading back and forth near the AVWAP from its inception. Would definitely keep this on watch.

I think this would be a pullback candidate. If it either comes back to AVWAP from ATH or near the bands, would think of buying the same. If not the train has passed will wait for the next station.

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Kissed the AVWAP from the IPO. Break or fake or consolidation? I know ye sab hone ki bad hi pata chalega. Lekin would love to hear others views as to what they look at these charts.

Will the consolidation continue or will there be a break out or break down?


Subhashish sir(POS) ke traffic light ki yad arai isko dekke

Tata steel, gaya gud bye?

After May 2022 this has now started trading above the High band. Chalega ya ni chalega?

Jai balayya :pray: :pray:

Aur kitta girega?

Inka paste jyada bikrai kya?

Navin bhaiyya pagla gaye hai