Breakout trading

Hi can anyone tell me how to take a trade like this in Zerodha automatically when-
• Bank Nifty spot cross above a specified level Example- (Bank Nifty 36005) then buy {Example 36000 CE option} at market price and sell target=1% with stoploss=0.5%
Sorry for my poor english as it’s not my native language. Thanks

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Maybe check if you can program something like that through Streak. Otherwise, you could keep alerts and when the alert hits, then manually take the trade and put orders on both sides.

@Streak could you help?

Hi @coxowa9215,

You can create such conditions in Streak and get an order placement notification. However, note that Streak does not provide auto-order placement as a service. Streak generates one-click actionable notifications when your conditions are met. You just need to click on Buy/sell notification to place orders.

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