Bring back sentinel

Please bring sentinel. I am a full time employee and sentinel advanced alerts help me a lot to focus on my work. I can focus even doing option selling.

Kindly bring adavance alerts or sentinel back
Please let us know the probable date of introducing advance alerts. @nithin

Others please let me know if there are any alternatives for advance alerts in sentinel


We have alerts on Kite, which is essentially sentinel.

Thank you Nithin, I know the existing alerts.

Let me explain my requirement.
I want an alert when the premium of one side of the options (CE/PE) moves above twice the premium of another side of options (PE/CE).
Simply, BankNifty 42100 CE premium > 2*BankNifty 40200 PE premium

This alert is not possible in current zerodha alerts. whereas it is very much possible in sentinel.

Kindly help


@Arockiya_Raja can you check on this and respond here.

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I second this. Sentinel was much better in terms of custom alerts!

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Agree to it, the original sentinel was way more useful with basket execution once alert gets triggered. Please bring back the feature !


I do agree on this sentinel has many more useful features than the current zerodha alerts feature


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Hello I am also facing similar issues for creating advance alerts. Please improve the alerts.


Kindly respond. We are expecting some positive response

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Advanced order types on our to-do list. This will most likely be addressed with that.

Glad that you liked the advanced alerts function in Sentinel. We know Advanced Alert had a lot of amazing functionality. To be honest, a tiny fraction of alerts were advanced alerts in Sentinel. The majority of alerts are usually created using the LTP greater than or less than equal criteria. So only basic alerts were integrated into Kite, which covers 99% of cases. At this moment, we cannot assure the advanced alert function. We may revisit the possibilities while upgrading alerts.

Though I have not used sentinel, but going by the explanation by others…it is something that I am actively looking for on another platforms.
I agree that this may not be a popular demand, but sophisticated traders with high value trading accounts would definitely love to have this ( you may need more data to see overall trading volume rather than # of accounts for considering value of this feature).

Thank you for the information. It would always be the scenario. Please do not see the alerts % as a whole. I would suggest you to see the % of option sellers using such alerts. It would obviously be more. Kindly add this to your bucket list of improvements, please.

Also whether any alerts system is in force for mutual funds. Kindly let me know

No, not available.