Britannia has credited debentures


Britannia has credited debentures in my account.

Please let me know why it’s credited? & what we can do with it?

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Instead of providing dividend completely they choose this route.
29 rupees via debenture and 12.5 rupees via dividend (numbers not accurate)
that debenture is valid for 3 years, if you want you can sell it off. Post 3 years they will credit back the amount. Moreover they will pay yearly some 7 to 8 % interest.


where can we check the debentures in the account?

You can check on Console. The debentures will reflect in Kite holdings once listed on the exchanges.


in the console we can find with name : INE216A08027

If u want to sell I will buy your debentures vs off market. Is it sold in NSE and BSE.

I am not able to see them in my account… what should I do