Brokerage and STT


I am new to zerodha. I traded for abt 25 lakh(total traded value) with the balance of 1 lakh in my account and i see huge brokerage and stt charges.
One day i made 1k profit… but i got only 300. Next day i made 1.5k loss then i got 3k loss in total…
Why like this??
Does zerodha charges for BO cancellation??
Say i set a BO which will create 2 orders then one order will execute, and the other one will get cancelled. Now will zerodha charge for the cancelled order??
Plz explain… thanks.
You can calculate from here. Keep in mind that your profit should overcome all taxes and enter into actual profit. By the way on which stock you traded?



BUT you need to be aware of this.

Thanks… that link helps.
What is STT … is it same across all brokers?

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STT is the security transaction tax which you pay while transaction securities and it is collected by the Government of India.
These are the STT charges based on the type of trade and it is common among all brokers.

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Thanks :+1:

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