Brokerage calculation


I have two part questions,

Let’s say in Intraday I bought 1000 Quantity of SBI via simple Market Order or BO/CO.

A. Now stocks always bought/Sell via multiple instances, here 1000 Qty will get separated like this-
400+200+400. So will the brokerage be flat ? 20 rs ?

B. Also say I hold 1000 Qty of SBI (bought intraday)
Now I will sell manually like this- 300 then after some time 400 then after some time 300 (sold in 3 seasons - everything is manually using Market/Limit order)

So will the Brokerage structure trigger on every manual order ? means 20 (buy with single order)+20+20+20(sold via three seasons manually)

And what will be the taxes?


Brokerage always as per order (20 or formula based, whichever is high)

A) Brokerage will be 20 one time

B) Brokerage will be separate for each order

If 300 shares of SBI have brokerage more than 20, it will be 20 per order

If 300 shares of SBI have brokerage lets say 10 rs, it will be 10 per order

Check the calculation on their Zerodha calculator


Yes but what about tax ? Buying 1000 Qty and selling it as 500 and 500 won’t take additional tax only brokerage… That’s what I have heard…


If by tax you mean STT, then yes it doesnt matter you sell 1000 together or 500 and 500

Both ways total STT will be same

So it is always good to sell 500, 500 like that

Thats why I prefer to buy FNO stocks like Tata motors, TCS in Equity segment

Becoz if i buy 1 lot, i cannot sell half lot. Also i do not want to buy 2 lots its too much

So i buy 1000 shares in equity segment, then sell 500 when i am in profit, and wait for remaining 500 and see how price moves

Ofcourse this is for intraday


As all other taxes are % based, there can’t be any difference.
% always remain equal whatever the quantity.