Brokerage Calculator

Could you please update and Make Brokarage calculator more interactive.

  1. Adding Swach Bharat etc
  2. Interactive stamp duty from drop menu for individual state.
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Hi Amol,

  1. Swach bharat and Krishi kalyan tax is included in service Tax.
    ST = 14%
    Swach= 0.5
    Krishi Kalyan = 0.5

  2. Stamp Duty charges are different for all states. Also it is calculated on the total turnover for the day. Hence Calculating the same with every trade may not match up the real amount.


Hello Zerodha,

provide a dropdown for Stamp Duty to select the state.

If Zerodha can do that (definitely Brand Zerodha can do it), it add more value to it. Even though Stamp Duty is computed per day, it still gives a person to know the known Bleeding.

Hope you can implement it.

Select your trade, click on + contract note, Select the state in the dropdown, Click on contract note button. You can add multiple trades, and the sample contract note will calculate the current stamp for all your trades in the day.

Thanks Nithin for the response.

You will the state for stampduty calculation taken care in brokerage calculator. Here is the image from their calculator.

This will help users to compute accurately.

Hope this helps.