Brokerage charges

What is difference between per trade & per executed order & how brokerage is applied

One order can get executed in multiple trades. Since we charge per executed order for F&O and intraday, brokerage is paid only on the main parent order at Rs 20 or 0.01% of the value, whichever is lesser

You can calculate all of this yourself here

No matter what, in any case. But still it’s much easier to trade with the broker, although of course he makes something off you. But in exchange it offers good conditions, of course if you choose correctly.

I bought nifty options 3 lots, each lot separately… but sold all 3 lots in one order… what vl be my charges… bought 3 lots at 20, 20, 26 separately but sold all 3 at 28 at a time… all are delivery not intraday

80 rupees brokerage by Zerodha