Brokerage firm and shares encashment

If a brokerage firm winds up its business, how an investor could encash the shares he/she possesses?

Shares will be in demat account, even if brokerage firm winds up it’s business you will have claim for shares in demat. Also if there is any activity in your demat, DP will notify you via sms and email, so make sure correct contact details are uploaded.

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If the brokerage firm winds up, how to encash shares? Are u saying, transferring the shares using DIS?

@mohitmehra Can you.

You can transfer your shares using one of the following:

  • DIS
  • Submitting the account closure cum transfer form to your DP
  • Converting your shares to physical format and subsequently dematerialising them with another DP
  • Online delivery instruction services from NSDL / CDSL

Thanks very much, Mohit.