BSE BANKEX options expiry on fridays? EDIT: now on MONDAYs

BSE bank index bankex is planning to do expiries on fridays !

Since its more or less similar to BankNifty - we are in for a treat !

how is the liquidity though - has anyone traded here??

which broker is allowing to trade in bse option - any idea

i couldn’t find that info yet.

@ShubhS9 will zerodha allow this from May 2023?

Hi @viswaram, currently BSE F&O are not available due to low volumes. We’re however working on making these available.

@ShubhS9 , if you blocked for the trade then how the volumes will pick . you are the largest broker . if you release then only people will trade and get benefit you and us , dont look the liquidity if largest broker are blocked , just allow to trade then see the liquidity


+1 Until unless zerodha allows will not see liquidity.

@ShubhS9 any difficulty to enable this?

HI @ShubhS9, I tried to get in touch with the BSE customer care desk. Unfortunately did not get any information pertaining to this subject.

Do you know who trades on BANKEX & SENSEX FnO? Are only the institutions trading now??

I think once these big players like institutions, Corporates start trading n that and create a strategy for themselves. Then only it will be allowed for retail clients.
Same thing s happening n MIDCPNIFTY also. Last 2 Wednesday expiries were awesome.
Whatever n future. Tue to fridays will have an expiry contracts everyday. Hope NSE splits nifty or banknifty expiry to monday. Then it will be a big bonanza


Does it have option chain?
If yes. How to enter the symbol n kite app?

Not yet available


Does anyone know which broker has provided access for SENSEX and BANKEX options trading?

I remember reading in one of the posts where zerodha said they would enable bse Fno from 15th of May. So didn’t happen ??

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Someone please confirm by when it will be available in Zerodha. Seems a good opportunity.

Bankex moving to mondays is quite a good move as the weakest among NSE’s expiring indices is MidCPSelect.

But a long way to go before liquidity picks up in Bankex…