BSE exclusive scrips.

In BSE, what is meant by exclusive and non exclusive scrips? And how can one know before buying if a certain scrip is exclusive or not?

This means that the company is listed only on BSE and not on NSE. For example, take SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), both BSE and NSE have their own SME platform where these small companies can list their shares. If any company decides to list on BSE, it’ll be traded only on that exchange, and likewise, if it decides to list on NSE.

How to know whether a stock is listed only on BSE or NSE or on both? On Kite, when you’re adding stock to the watchlist, you get to see the exchange too :point_down:


When you are placing an order, on the order window, if the stock is listed on both exchanges, you can see price from both exchanges. If it is listed only on one exchange, you will see the price only for that exchange :point_down:

Thanks a lot for your response. Is there a way to find exclusive scrips in BSE other than using kite?