BSE Sensex Index futures contract

Is there a BSE Sensex Index futures (like Nifty futures) contract available for trading? I could not find it.

No. There is no such Index future.

Could not find BSX in Kite.

to be honest, never traded any assets on bse.

Not able to find BSX in kite.


That’s beacuse there is hardly any trading activity. Here is a screenshot of the BSE March futures

Just wondering why BSE never marketed it ?

@nithin @Bhuvan Maybe zerodha should enable BSE Sensex Index futures/options contract trading
Slowly liquidity will catch up,
Most of the retail traders are in zerodha only.

Is there any other broker that supports BSE Index options?

Answering my own question, I did find out that Finvasia supports BSE Futures and Options. But it is of not much use as there seems to be negligible liquidity in the Index options (Derivatives Chain | Stock & Equity | Futures & Options Trading | BSE)

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