BSE STOCK in Watchlist

I want to add a BSE stock in my portfolio,but not been able able to add the stock in the Marketwatch. Does Zerodha allow BSE stocks?


When you are looking for a stock in BSE in Kite, you have to enter the name of the stock in a specific way while searching for it in the Universal Search box.

You will have to type the name of the stock and then type ‘BSE’ after that.

For example, if you are trying to add Reliance in BSE, then in the Search box you will have to type ‘Reliance BSE’

The first result that will load up is Reliance in BSE.

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Ok,How to do in Pi platform?

In Pi, you will have to add the exchange from the Segment dropdown and type the stock name in the stock dropdown.

In zerodha I’m not able to find stocks which are listed only in BSE. For Eg: Virtuoso Optoelectronics Ltd.
BSE: 543597.

You can search using the trading symbol. The trading symbol for this stock is VOEPL.