BTST help new rules

With regards to BTST trades with the new margin rules if I were for example to buy 1 lakh rupees of reliance on Monday then i would need :-

1.On Monday full 1 lakh rupees plus 25,000 (var plus elm) or just 1 lakh rupees?

2.If I am selling on Tuesday morning do I need just 25,000(var plus elm margin) or 1,25,000?

3.If I am selling by chance on Wednesday nothing changes usual as before?


Only 1 lakh rupees.

You don’t need additional margins to sell stocks from your holdings. You can read this post to know more:

Ok so got the BTST part…Further in above example Can i pay just 25,000 margin (var plus elm) and carry forward my cash position indefinitely ?i.e Does zerodha provide leverage on overnight cash positions?

No, there is no leverage provided for overnight positions, you will have to pay full amount upfront.