BTST is life for most traders

@nithin buy today sell tomorrow is the concept which we all do , i just simply wanna ask , if my margin is gonna block for 2 days then how i can do BTST, as we small traders have limited amount of margin or cash with us …

New sebi rules sucks ,

Hope zerodha team will find a way to keep trading working as it was …smoothly .

No changes for BTST, one can continue the same even even under new rules.


really …thank u siva

How can I sell share on T+1 day after new rule is implemented? Because as far as I’ve read, holdings will show on T+2 and I’ll be able to sell on T+3.

This is pain and it’ll also result in huge DP charges. :frowning:

Restriction wasn’t put on when you can sell your holdings, things remain same as they are now. Restriction was only put on when one can use the funds freed from sale of holdings, even that has been reverted.

In latest circular they have again allowed to use proceeds from sale of holdings on same day after blocking 20%, which you can use only after T+2 days.

Things will continue as they were before until September 1st, when these changes come into effect.

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Thank u Shubhs9

No changes till sep 1st, also after that this won’t be effected.

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yup i hope zerodha will do as nithin sir told , they can do EPI …same day stuff

But the shares will reflect in my account after T+2 days right? Suppose i buy reliance shares on August 4 so they will reflect in my account the very same day just like it is happening till now? I buy reliance at 2000 and keep stop at 198. So if reliance falls to 1980 on August 5, will i be able to square off the position?(in cash segment). As I was able to do this until now. Please help.

Yes, they will reflect in your holdings on same day, just like they do now.

Yes, yes. You will be able to trade just like you trade now.

Thanks a lot.

@nithin I read on varsity that one should not sell a holding before it comes in your demat account because technically it is like selling something that you don’t own or posess yet. Is there a change in that concept or I’ve misunderstood or that is an ideal thing to do, but not adhered to by traders.

BTST carries the risk of short delivery, So not selling a stock until it is credited to your Demat account is ideal thing to do but as you said it is not adhered by traders.

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Got it…thanks

Yesterday I bought sonata software and sold today at profit is there any changes will be applicable now

Hey Harsh, charges for BTST trades will be the same as equity delivery trades. You can easily calculate these here.

I have a simple question
lets say l have reliance industry’s 30 shares as a holding, I sold 15 shares after 5 days and paysbdp charge about 15 rs
and after 5 days I sold remaining 15 …
do I have to pay dp changes on latter too

Yes, DP charges are applicable each time you sell shares from your Demat account, irrespective of the quantity sold.