BTST sold transaction money credit

When an equity stock of Volume 100 is purchased on a “T day” say Monday for 1000 and if the stock is sold by “T+1 day”, ie Tuesday morning for 1020, then when will the sold money 102000 (1020*100) excl. transaction charges will be credited to the demat account? Will it be on Wednesday or Thursday?


On Tuesday when you sell the BTST (T1 stock)

  1. you will get contract note for Tuesday showing all the charges except cdsl charge which will show only in console.
  2. The sale proceedings credit to trading account (not demat account) on t+2 .
    The withdrawable Funds (Tuesday’s sale proceedings) will show up on thursday latenight close to mid night in your trading account.
  3. you can withdraw on friday
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Jaivanth, when you sell shares from your holdings, 80% of the sale proceeds will be immediately credited to your account, which you can use for trading. The remaining 20% will be available from the next day onwards. More details here.

The charges will be debited at the end of the day. You can check how much charges will be applicable here.

If you want to withdraw this funds, you can do so after T+2 days when the funds are settled. Explained in detail here.


That was helpful… Thanks…

Thanks for the reply… Helpful…