BTST/STBT clarification

I was thinking to do some STBT/BTST trades. But when i select the script it says nudge and script isn’t allowed for BTST/BTST trades (Adani power). But when I check for ITC i don’t get any nudge. Where can I find the list of stocks in which I can do BTST or STBT ? Stocks have t+2 delivery so should i choose CNC or MIS ?

You cannot take short position overnight in equity segment, so STBT isn’t possible. You can do BTST in stocks that aren’t in T2T (Trade-To-Trade) segment, stocks in this segment can only be sold after T+2 settlement happens.

Adani Power is in T2T segment while ITC isn’t. Hence this.

To do BTST trades, you need to buy stocks using CNC. You can check out this list.

Anyways, if BTST isn’t allowed in any stock, you’ll see a nudge, if the stock is allowed, you won’t see it.

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