Bug and feedback on Tijori Fundamentals

Consider this Screenshot for reference it’s a NIFTY BANK ETF by ICICI PRU AMC
the benchmark is NIFTY BANK TRI, not Nifty Finance :slight_smile:

Further for the feedback part can the graph include dots for where we have invested in the Security with date and price marks
Take Coin’s graphs for fund NAVs for reference

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Hi @Chetan_Nahata

This is a known issue… will be fixed. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing and helping us improve

Hi, we will get this sorted in upcoming releases!

Why is this Happening??

Hi, checking, will get back

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Hi, this is fixed.

If for a few ETF’s you feel the benchmark is off let us know, will try and plug it

I think ticker tape is far better than Tijori. There is no exchange related news in fundamentals.

Hi Harsh, as of now in events tab we have added bonus, dividend, split, annual report and earnings date

We plan to add buyback soon

Please let us know what other event types you think are missing and we will try and add it