Bug in Alerts - Not Triggered after prices crosses level



I created an alert for SilverM FEB FUT in kite web on 3-Jan.
The alert is showing in the alerts page,

Price crossed the alert level 72000 & 71987 at 20:04 today, and then went further down
but the alert did not trigger.
No web notification/mob notification/email notification.

Also the alert still shows as active in kite web AFTER price crossed the alert level.
That means that the alert was not triggered at all

Screenshot attached.
Kindly chk

04-01-2024 20_46_22-Window

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I am encountering a similar issue, please investigate and address it promptly.
@Meher_Smaran @ShubhS9

This is fixed.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: @Arockiya_Raja