Bug in Zerodha Kite Holdings display for Smallcase stock

I have noticed a bug in Zerodha Kite display of holdings. The same stock is showing different purchase price if I set the display to All Holdings or filter on Smallcase purchases.

Image 1: See Avg cost of Hindpetro when I am viewing All holdings (This cost is wrong, this stock price never reached this level)

Image 2: When I filter to show SmallCase holdings, now the correct Avg cost for Hindpetro shows

Hi @aakash.gm - so at smallcase, we adjust for the bonus shares on the ex-date - hence we show the adjusted buy price for the stock so it’s easier to account for the corporate action

If you check on smallcase.com Investments Details - you should also see that there are now 2 extra shares (total of 7) that will be delivered to you soon. And the other 0.5 bonus share will be shown in rupee value in your realized P&L

Let me know if I wasn’t being clear here


Exactly same doubt I had earlier but now it is clear. Thanks Vasanth.

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