Building a mutual fund portfolio

By now, you should have realized that mutual funds are the ideal products for saving and investing for all your goals. But the issue is there are 11 equity fund categories, 16 debt fund categories, and 6 hybrid fund categories among others. How do you go about picking the right fund for the right goal? Even before you save and invest, what are the other essentials you need to take care of?

In this video, @Karthik explains:

  1. Why you should get term insurance (life) and health insurance.
  2. How to pick the right fund for the right goal

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Varsity is the best! :pray: :heart:

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Love all the Varsity educational videos, however based on the wisdom of the group here, I got the impression that Large Cap and Mid Cap funds hardly ever, consistently beat the Index funds, so a bit surprised with what is told in this video.