Bulk orders in Zerodha GTT

How many GTT orders I can make in Zerodha.

If I created 500 GTT and triggering at 9.15 and exit all position by 3.15. Is it possible?

What will be the problem that may arise like, system hang, Order placement error.

As mentioned in this support page, you can create 50 GTT orders at a time -

A maximum of 50 active GTTs is allowed at a time for one account.

Not completely sure but a problem might arise with 50 (not 500) GTT orders getting triggered at the same time. It might violate one of the RMS rules mentioned on this support page -

There are also limitations at 200 orders per minute and 10 orders per second.

Thank you.

If that is the case, Can I trigger 30 GTT X 15 accounts at 9.15 and consolidate all the P&L and exit all at once.

Linking all 15 accounts in to one.

There would likely be some regulatory requirements that you might have to fulfill to be able to do something like this (Refer to this thread). If you have the appropriate licenses in place, then you should be able to achieve your objective by utilizing the Kite Connect APIs (as something like this likely isn’t possible via Kite Web).

Thank you