Bull call spread brokerage charges

I want to know about the total brokerage charges which would be applied in a bull call spread. I am in confusion about how these charges will work in this scenario.
Can you please explain by taking an example of NIFTY50?

Brokerage is flat 20 per order irrespective of the quantity. 20 on Buy side and 20 on Sell side.

In case of Bull Call Spread you will be executing 4 orders (2 on Buy side and 2 on Sell side) so total brokerage will be 80 (+ other charges like STT, GST, Exchange Transaction Charges and Stamp Duty).

You can check total charges on Brokerage Calculator.

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yeah thanks for the info but I am confused about the exit price of option.
Suppose I buy a call option at ₹200 and hold it till expiry then the buy price would be ₹200 for this, now what would be the sell price which I should fill in the brokerage calculator( should it be 0, I guess) ?

Enter 0.05.

okay makes sense.
Thanks for the response.