Bulletin - Physical delivery margin: In-the-money long options

@ShubhS9 @nithin
Please see attached bulletin from ZERODHA. Please advise how one can monitor his margin requirement as per this bulletin.

You can check the margin requirement on the order window itself.

Hi @ShubhS9 @nithin

I am actually holding open positions which if required I will be going for physical settlement. See my positions and funds screenshots. In this case how can one monitor the continuously changing margin requirement?

The above mentioned margins are applicable only for Long ITM Options, you’re holding Short positions, for which SPAN + Exposure margin is already blocked, margin requirements for Short Options will increase only on the last two days of expiry to twice of SPAN + Exposure margin requirements. You can learn more on this here.

Thanks. So I guess I am safe. :grinning:

I have one more question regarding physical settlement. At what time do I have to have funds ready for physical settlement? Is it after market close. The reason why I am asking is to know if I can use the margins released from other trades after expiry for physical settlement.

You should have 50% of the contract value or twice of SPAN + Exposure margin on last two days of expiry. Remain amount you can bring after market hours on Thursday. Yes, you can use the proceeds received from squaring-off other trades.