Bullish harami Pattern?

That is Bullish harami pattern in the end right guys ?
Shall i take positions or wait another week to let it form another green candle after the pattern?

Yes does look like a Bullish harami.

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It’s a harami bull, you never know when it would ditch you :grinning:

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Traders, can i take position if next candle open above close price of last green candle ?

what is the time frame of the candle ?
but the prior trend doesn’t seem strong according to me.

its 1week candles. Right there in top right corner

What i think is TCS will go up till the trend line in a week or two, where it will face resistance.
price action also gives some support that green candle has higher low

What say guys?

in the question…i could not see it and yeah i am worried about the prior trend.

Buy if it breaks above previous 3 candles .
to be even more sure , trade after retracement.

Also there is good news about TCS , that they are increasing salary and employees , so yea can go up , check the volume profile to find if smart money is investing.

thanks! i hope i can book 20-30 points this week

Did anyone booked profits?

I was pretty lucky. Took 1 TCS at 2000 level. Might face resistance so took exit.
Booked rs. 190