Bullish RSI and MACD Intraday

I want stocks with RSI crossing above 50, MACD line above the signal line, close price above Supertrend and 200-period SMA. Please help

To create a strategy in Streak with your specified conditions (RSI crossing above 50, MACD line above the signal line, close price above Supertrend, and above 200-period SMA), you would follow these steps in the Streak platform:

  1. Log into Streak: First, sign into your Streak account connected with Zerodha.
  2. Create a New Strategy:
  • Go to the ‘Strategies’ section and click on ‘Create Strategy’.
  • Select the market segment (Equity, Futures, etc.) and choose the stocks or index you want to analyze.
  1. Setting Up the Conditions:
  • For RSI Crossing Above 50:
    • Select ‘Indicators’, choose ‘RSI’ from the dropdown.
    • Set ‘period’ to your preferred setting (typically 14).
    • Set the condition to ‘crosses above’ and set the value to ‘50’.
  • For MACD Line Above Signal Line:
    • Select ‘MACD’ from the indicators.
    • Set ‘MACD line’ with the condition ‘crosses above’ ‘MACD signal line’.
  • For Close Price Above Supertrend:
    • Choose ‘Supertrend’ from the indicators.
    • Set the condition as ‘Close’ ‘higher than’ ‘Supertrend’.
  • For Close Price Above 200-period SMA:
    • Select ‘SMA’ from the indicators.
    • Set the ‘period’ to ‘200’.
    • Set the condition as ‘Close’ ‘higher than’ ‘SMA’.
  1. Define Entry and Exit Criteria:
  • Set the entry conditions based on the indicators you’ve selected.
  • Define your exit criteria (like a stop loss or target profit percentage, or another technical condition).
  1. Backtesting:
  • Once you have set up your strategy, you can backtest it to see how it would have performed in the past. Adjust the date range for the historical data you want to test against.
  1. Deploy the Strategy:
  • If the backtest results are satisfactory, you can then deploy the strategy for live or paper trading.
  1. Monitoring:
  • Regularly monitor the performance of your strategy. You can tweak it as required based on its performance and changing market conditions.

This approach should help you set up your desired strategy in Streak. Remember, it’s important to also consider risk management and not rely solely on technical indicators for trading decisions.

This information is fully given by ChatGPT-4 (OpenAI).

Please do tell me if this works or not.
If not I would stop posting answers from AI Chatbots on this topic

Multitime frame(5min, RSI(14,0) crosses above 50 ) and Multitime frame(5min, MACD(12,26,9,macd,0) crosses above MACD(12,26,9,signal,0) ) and Multitime frame(5min, Close(0) crosses above Supertrend(7,3,0) ) and Multitime frame(5min, Close(0) higher than SMA(close, 20, 0) )

I don’t use streak often so please confirm whether this is the code you need or not

Hey @Foodietrader

You can refer to the below scanner for the conditions as per your requirements-