Bulls vs Bears. Where from here?

Bulls why do you think market will keep going up from here?

Bears why do you think there is no way market can go up anymore and a big correction is about to begin?

Because we bears are fed up man. This is no democracy. it Bullocracy. Bulls r going cracy for so many months and we don’t get the balls to play. What do we bears have …hmm… burned fingers and ripped bottom. It can’t go on like this.

We need change. Bears need to be in control for a while. OK. now bulls get out or face “Angry bears on the rampage” association. We are coming bulls. we are coming to get you.

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I turned BEAR for next few days.

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We are waiting. How much longer?

Yaa. Thanks. welcome to the “angry bears on the rampage” association

What is the reason for turning bear when the links you have given all show market is bullish?

Cos when all are bulls we need to be a bear and vice-versa,that is what they say but whatever we do we keep fingers burned

Pls have a look at nifty pe… 26+ second highest before 2k8 crash
Earnings so far… Only indusind noteworthy
IT sector has lost d sheen… Also q3 is laggard generally
Only reliance is trying it’s level best to keep up d head
Banknifty has become a circus due to weekly expiry casino… Hdfc bank d leader… Banknifty is totally out of sync of current ground situation of remaining 10 odd banks especially starving psus…
Ipo mkt generally booms at peak of bull mkt…
Demo and Gst will chain shackle growth engine…
Rbi and govt comments r mismatching…

I mean it only seems to b liquidity rally and fundamentals r light yrs behind…

Be cautious if a buyer… Prices fall double d rise in bear mkt, quadra in bull mkt… :anguished:

Fiis r always ahead of retail… In buying or selling

All d best :slight_smile:


for next there days…bank nifty will be bullish…

Sometimes, hunter gets hunted!!!
Right now, Retail investors are on fire. If they are on hunt, what happens is rightly depicted in this …ROFL

Bank Nifty will fall at least 500 points from here if HDFCBANK does not support.

after market hours in NSE ICICIBANK ADR fell 4.5% in US NYSE, it will reflect today in NSE