BUY back and Dividend of IOC

Recently IOC has declared Buyback @149 and Dividend @6.75/share. So If I pledge my shares for Buyback, Will I be eligible to get the dividend?

The share will trade EX buyback EX dividend from December 21 means you will get dividend even if you offer in buyback.

Thanks … But money control says the record date for buyback and dividend is 25th Dec.
In this case the share price will trade at exdividend on 25th which is christmas holiday.
What if I sell my shares 24th dec (right before going exdividend and exbuybuyback)

Since record date December 25 is market holiday , last date to buy WITH BUYBACK and WITH DIVIDEND will be December 20.
the share will trade EX from December 21 means you can sell any day ON OR AFTER December 21 . you are eligible for buyback and dividend.

It does not show IOC as stock for buyback under console.zerodha. When it will be updated?

@Bhuvan When will Zerodha open the window for the IOC buyback?

IOC registrar has to open window sir.