Buy Bharat 22 ETF


Is it good idea to invest in Bharat 22 ETF?
Discount, dividend potential are the pros but the way they continue to fall will most likely offset these.PSU continue to fall and don’t seem to have bottomed out .


I believe this additional offering of Bharat 22 ETF at this time, is purely government’s effort to enrich its cash reserves for spending in the upcoming 2019 election…
I would suggest to stay away from this for now… (You can see what happened to those who invested in PSU IPOs in the recent past. For ex. HAL IPO, BDL IPO etc…)
As you have mentioned, so far this ETF has generated only negative returns since its introduction…


Have they bottomed out and will they bounce back from here?


Seems it has bounced back 10% since last month along with the Sensex/Nifty…