Buy one share everyday

Is it good idea to buy one share of the same scrip every day? Are there any known strategies like that?

Buying everyday ? How many days will you continue to do that.
If you want to do that (like SIP), atleast buy that stock per month.
Every day buying is not a good idea.

“Just buying everyday”. Thats not a strategy. It’s just a straight forward approach.

If you want to do that,
Create a basket order with the stocks that you want to buy every day/month. Then create a SIP for that basket. Then it’s all automated. Make sure you have funds in trading account or create an E-Mandate.

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Will buying every day not take care of volatility of a stock? It may not be a “strategy”, but is it something that people want to do?

The problem with SIP in equity is that we keep adding more of the ones that have not grown much and adding less of the stocks that have risen. This is an anomaly that has to be resolved.

Well, How many days will you be buying it ?
Are you thinking about holding that stock for long term or it it for trading purpose ?

Pick a quality stock that is not very expensive and buy it every day for long term. Duration of buying can be decided after 6 months or one year.

Yes it’s good idea as you may get best average price and there is no strategy name for this, it is same like SIP. Some does monthly SIP, some does quarterly, you are doing daily SIP.

And as there are no charges for delivery trades, so no loss in brokerage as well.

Do not forget STT, exchange transaction charges, SEBI charges, GST etc

I believe it wont matter because they are charged based on percentage. If you invest â‚ą1L per month or â‚ą3333 per day, taxes cost would be equivalent.


How many days will u buying it ?
If you are going to buy it for a year (there will be 365 credits in demat account)

261 working days (except holidays)

Still, no charges for demat credits, only demat debits will be charged.

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Everyday buying the same the stock is not reasonable… I think buy when the value got down every week or after 15 days … make gtt orders… and observe the stock prices weekly at sunday… and let the gtt script for the rest of work … buying blindly is bad … in stock market…

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Did I say that there will be charges for credit of stocks in demat ?
I did not talk about charges…

Is it good idea

No . IMHO It’s not a good Idea.

I can related as I used to think like this when I entered capital markets - Like I will not eat junk food / Not smoke today, instead I will buy a stock for that amount. But as I matured i came to understand that investment does not work like that ( a piggy bank).

Identify quality stocks, Enter based on your own rules, Exit and take profit ( or limit loss) as per your own rules.

'Making money is not easy"

Have you been doing this already? How’s the experience?

A friend of mine actually recommends doing the same, especially now that the market is down. But stick with quality stocks and those also newly listed on Nasdaq with good capitalization just like $BTCS and $TASK

I have not been doing this. I wanted to start, but before that wanted to check with the learned people here. I thought it was a good idea, but not many people here share the view. Clearly, it will be with quality stocks only.

“Market is down”. What a joke ? We are at all time high.

What’s your time frame ? How many days will you be buying it ?