Buy orders for ASM stocks

While placing a GTT or any Buy order - can it be not notified that the stock is in ASM list?

Only when it is triggered there is error saying it has been declined and needs TOTP to buy it.

Is there no other method other than login TOTP for buying ASM stocks like pre-authorization - what security does TOTP method provide which cannot be provided by pre-authorization.

As a temporary fix if you wish to know if a stock is under ASM category you can simply check in the order window. Prior to placing a GTT just open the order window and look for this nudge.
You can also create a GTT directly from this order window by click on GTT below.

Hope that helps.

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Yes thanks :+1:

Bt as far i rem zerodha doesnt allow intraday in asm1 stocks …if totp is enabled , cn asm categry1 stocks be traded in mis ?

During stage I of ASM: The stocks can be traded Intraday but no additional leverage will be provided.
During Stage II of ASM: Security is shifted to trade to trade settlement wherein the settlement
shall be on gross basis i.e. delivery based. (No intraday allowed)
Click here to read more.
You need to enable TOTP, to trade in such stocks.


No zerodha doesnt allow equity intraday in asm1 gives error

No additional leverage will be given as mentioned which means that 100% of the traded value will get blocked as margins i.e no intraday leverage is given (MIS/CO isn’t allowed)
You won’t be able to place MIS order in ASM 1 stocks, but as they’re not yet moved to ASM 2 i.e Trade to trade category, you can still place a CNC order and sell off on the same day(only if the stock isn’t illiquid). The shortlisted securities shall be further monitored on pre-determined objective criteria and would be moved into Trade for Trade segment once the criteria get satisfied.
Click here to read more about ASM categories

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If a stock comes under ASM 1 and isn’t an illiquid stock, You can see this error while trying to place the order.

If the stock is in ASM 2, this is the nudge which is displayed.

If the stock is illiquid, you won’t be able to square off on the same day regardless of the ASM category, It will be classified as Trade to trade stock.

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Ws saying same tht mis nt allowd in zerodha while other brokers do n with 3x 5x leverage …moreovr with 100% margin too wnt be able to do short sell anywy rht dude

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Yes, you’re right; moreover, other brokers also won’t be able to give any leverage on such stocks.

Kotak sec allow mis wth leverage …had a word with one of the seniors thr n he told last to lst mnth tht they allowin mis n 5x levesge in suvenphar, balramchin n 1 more stock which ws thn asm1

I won’t be able to comment on other brokers. But as per the regulations, no additional leverage is to be provided for such stocks.

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I was hoping to sell Kajaria Ceramics (ASM LT1) thru GTT… not an illiquid stock… and I use Google Auth for logins… do I still need TOTP for this GTT sell order… ?

Pls clarify…

TOTP needs to be entered for trading in ASM stocks. Click here to learn more.

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