Buy Stocks In Pre Market Session

Can i buy shares on Pre Market Session as CNC with Limit Option if the sell is available with that price & qty will the order be completed

Yes, pre market is for everyone.

Note: You need to place the order before 9.07 AM
from 9.80 to 9.14, orders will be matched.

thanks for the reply could you explain what you mean orders will be matched for e.g i planning to buy shares of JINDALSTEL

  1. Now i open the buy window and choose CNC with Limit Option and my qty is 500

  2. Price set as 219.5

  3. Click Buy ( Sell is available at 1000 Qty 219.5 )

i placed the order before 9:07 AM will it be matched and executed

@sathishkumar. Please go through this thread here. Everything has been explained: