Buy the Stock has comparatively fallen the most from its 20 DMA

Buy Scanner :-

  1. Scan Nifty 50 stocks.
  2. Find the % difference between CMP and 20 DMA of all Stocks.
  3. Buy the Stock coming on rank 1, because it has comparatively fallen the most from its 20 DMA.

Sell Scanner:-

  1. Scan Portfolio
  2. Sell Stock having profit more than 5%.
  3. It would be good it trailing stop loss is available in algo to get extra profit.

I have checked all available example and help but not find any relevant material to implement this.

Why buy the stocks which are in downtrend?

Implement this strategy in ETFs, not in stocks.

Hi @Anandrai

We have checked your requirements thoroughly. Your conditions cannot be implemented on the Streak platform.

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I am using same in ETF and Nifty 50 as both bounces back in 99.99% cases. My target is also very less 5%.
I have also done lots of back testing on this and able to achieve my target.
I am running this from Sep 2023 and its giving XIRR 44.91%. It’s based on Mahesh Chandra Kaushik Strategy.
I am planning to automate this so that I won’t need to login daily for buy and sell order.

Thanks for confirmation, I am already doing this on google sheet, just need to automate buy and sell so that I don’t miss any opportunity due to my unavailability.

Is there any plan to add feature to upload order from excel or CSV. Then it will be easy to integrate strategy developed in excel.

If you are using today’s Nifty50 for previous years’ (say pre 2020) backtesting, there will be survivorship bias, and this especially matters for long-only swing trading strategies.
To achieve true and valid backtest results, you should use Nifty50 components of relevant years.

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@Anandrai We have taken note of our query and forwarded it to the concerned team for future consideration.

Thanks for comment Vijay, it’s a valid point. It will give more accurate result. I will check and update result if this is possible.
So far results are good as expected.
My expectation 12-24% XIRR.