BUYBACK Ex Date and Trading

XYZ Company

If I Buy Share in XYZ Co. on 1 Jan (ex date for buy back)
Stock get credited in Demat on 3 Jan

Buy Back Start from 1 Feb till 14 Feb

Will I be able to sell the stock on 4th Jan and buy it back on 11 Feb and then again tender for buy back on 14th

In nutshell will I be able to trade the stock between the ex date and the tender date.

If you buy the stock on Ex-date then you will not be eligible for the buyback because the stock will not be in your Demat account on Record date(next day). The last day to buy stocks before any corporate action is the day before the Ex-date, as it takes T+2 days for stocks to reach Demat.

Assuming you have stocks in Demat as of Record date, then you have already received your eligibility ticket for the buyback. Now you can trade the shares if you please and you have to only ensure to buy it back and keep it in your Demat before you tender the shares before the buyback window closes.