Buyer for Goa Carbon

Why is no one buying GoaCarbon shares while many sellers are present? If we talk about previous days when there was no seller but were many buyers.

Becasue Stock has hit Lower Price Band.

what is meant by lower price band??? @Lets_Invest

I Know this but Admin will explain you better. @Bhuvan Explain this to New Traders.
Thank you.

Check this post to learn more about price bands.

thank you for helping new traders like us :slight_smile: @Bhuvan @Lets_Invest

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so u mean no one can sell or buy today ?

When a stock hits the maximum circuit limit, trading is halted for the day.

In these situation will an after market order be helpful? Because in the morning AMO is given preference.when the prize slightly go up I hope his stocks could be bought by someone…What is the opinion of the experienced traders of the forum?

Worth a shot but might not always work.