BUYING and redeeming mutual funds through zerodha coin

If i buy some units of mutual funds through coin platform, then can i sell them directly through the particular AMC website too? or i will have to sell them through zerodha coin?

Through Coin itself, if you want to do this online as it is sitting in your demat account. If you want to do it offline, then yeah through AMC also possible.

No very easy to sell DEMAT MF units without DP. Learned hard way with HDFC MF.

By mistake I brought some units outsite Coin in DEMAT account. However when I realize the mistake, found that Demat units can only be sold via DP after play musical chair :slight_smile:

The other option is converting from DEMAT to Digital also too complicated.

Use coin if you have Demat MF units.

and hence, just buy and sell in Coin itself :), you will not need to remember about another folio number in life.

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