Buying and Selling a Stock at the same time


Hi guys
I wantd to knw if i can buy and sell a share for eg. India bull housing finance for rs 600 and sell for 601 at the same time…??so if it goes in one direction i can sell either and earn profit…if i can i want to knw if it is illegal i.e wash trading or circular trading… Im tryn 2 find a rule which restricts this kind of trading… If so please reply


you can do it I guess , not sure , one in NRML and one in MIS


@vishnux… Thank u for the reply… If cn do den is it legal as in i read something about wash trading or circular trading??


No that is different , where you sell from some one else account and immediately buying in your account…

What you are doing is kind of like arbitrage , its legal


Yes you certainly can.
Please go through FAQs of trading in Zerodha before you start and also watch few videos on YouTube.

Start with small quantity only.