Buying and selling of stock options

I usually trade in indices, but now I am planing to start trading in stock options. so zerodha does not allow buying and selling of stock options at the market price. so I have to place order by looking at the market depth.

but what about exit ? for ex in nifty I can just click on exit and my position will be squared off.
how to exit your positions in stock options?
can some one please give me detailed explanation

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Same way, place a limit order, if you want to sell at market kinds then place limit at a bit higher lower than bid and higher than offer if you are buying.

can you please explain in simple words…sir apka answer full bouncer chala gaya. i an new to this trading thing

You can refer to this support article, explaining how you can use Limit orders like a market order:

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Thanks a lot.
I will do one option spread and then hopefully I will understand it completely

In that case you should not trade options and that too stock options, maybe give a read through varsity options module and start with eq, get well versed with trading platform and then start slowly and gradually increase value, make sure you have a trading plan before starting trading. Check this.

No hurries, markets will give lots of opportunities, options are very, very risky.


Since you are new to trading, you should not trade in options. Many intermediate traders who have been in the market for quite a long time also are very careful when it comes to this category. Don’t end up losing all your money just to gain a little benefit.