Buying bonds from Goldenpi

1.) Are all bonds which are available through Goldenpi, listed on the exchanges ?
2.) What is the difference b/w buying a listed bond from Goldenpi’s platform and from the exchange ?


Not all listed bonds trade. The trading volume is just in some 10-20 bonds and at the most 4-5 crs of volume. Even if you buy on Exchange, you’ll end up getting an illiquid price which is artificial. On Goldenpi, you’ll get a better price.

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I think here you mean Exchange instead of Goldenpi.

Yep, my bad. Check this:

Ok, so the advantage Goldenpi offers is a better price along with offering easy search feature of bonds according to our requirement.
And are all these bonds available in demat format if we buy from Goldenpi ?

That’s right.