Buying bonds on zerodha


I am interested in buying bonds.
Want to open an account on zerodha.
Is it possible to buy bonds from zerodha?

If there are any limitations, please mention the same.



I am new to trading in bonds and also stock market itself.
I have a question reagarding bond interest payments.

Let’s say I am holding a 8%GOI bond in my demat account.
Since it is a bond I get payouts at regular intervals (for this case say yearly).

On the interest payment date, interest is paid to all bond holders.
Now since I am holding in demat form, how will I receive the interest paid?

Directly to the bank account linked with your demat.

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Yes, you can trade in bonds traded in the cash market.However, you need to add the series to the Market watch to start trading. Once you have the series details, you can add the bonds to your Market watch by selecting NL, N1, N2 from the drop down. Kindly go through the following link to know more about listed bonds which can be added to your market watch.

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Yes we can.

Kindly visit the below link:

So, when I open a demat account, it should be linked to atleast one bank account?

If I open zerodha account, then will zerodha take care of all this?


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