Buying Corporate bonds

How to buy launched corporate bonds?
I can see some corporate bonds on NSE site in IPO section. How to apply for them?

@Shivam_Gupta go to , Indiabonds and the fixed income webite you can find all bonds everything will be credit in your demate account , i am using these two to buy GSEC and corporate bonds


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@Bhuvan @nithin is there no way I can apply corporate bonds through net banking (HDFC) or Zerodha?

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@Shivam_Gupta why you are worry about to apply through zerodha or hdfc any way currently its not possible

see if you are purchasing through these platform just give your zerodha demat account number or hdfc dmate account numer the purchased bond will reflect in your zerodha or hdfc demate account with in 2 days - all are same

You can also apply using GoldenPi

What instrument specifically?

Can bonds purchased on Golden Pi reflect in Zerodha demat ?
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@Bhuvan Is there are plan to Integrate Golden Pi to Coin ? So can buy bonds directly from Zerodha.

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Yes. It will ask for your demat number when you place an order.
You need to provide your demat account no., it will appear in your Zerodha demat account.

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And how to sell them on maturity ? Or will they automatically get extinguished and money will be returned in the bank account?

The issue today is that most of the bonds aren’t traded on the exchange, most of the deals happen through off-market or in the wholesale debt market and settled through the clearing corporations. There the issue is that, this is an entirely different flow and the clearing corporations only accept RTGS payments which means Rs 2 lakh is the minimum ticket size. Also, RTGS through payments gateways becomes a bit messy.

So, integrating GoldenPi doesn’t really solve the issue. We’ve been thinking about this a lot, and we’re trying to solve the payments bit first before we offer any sort of bonds. We had tried offering corporate bonds through a limited beta but we pulled the plug given how burdensome the process was.


Yes, if you intend to hold till maturity, nothing needs to be done. At maturity it is extinguished automatically and money is returned to bank account linked with demat account.

HDFC ASBA or from Zerodha through IPO section

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