Buying Discounted Corporate bonds listed in NSE

I have a doubt regarding buying Corporate bonds which are listed on NSE. I have observed some bonds like India bulls housing finance, Ugro Cap N4 series bonds etc are trading at 950 which is less than their Face Value of 1000. If i buy these bonds at lower prices like 950or even less, how much will i get at the time of maturity?

Will i get the entire Face Value of 1000 at maturity along with interest(Coupon Rate) on these bonds during the holding period(If the company does not Default)?

Yes, you will get the face value + interest accrued if you hold till maturity.

…and if the company does not go insolvent/bankrupt by then.
…and if the company honors its obligation to pay interest on the stipulated date of maturity.


Read about the document , some bonds are paid as principle+ interest monthly or quarterly hence price are trading less. So that also can be the case for trading in less price