Buying index options before election day

Buying options today for big gain?

If you are buying ATM options of nifty i,e, 11800CE and 11800PE you will be paying combine premium of more than Rs.400/-(@ Rs. 30000+) so if you want to earn same amout (@ Rs.30000+) nifty will have to move and expire above 12500 or below 10800 in that case you will earn @ Rs.30000+ on investment of Rs. 30000+ .
so if you are expecting such big move on either side till the expiry (23 May) then buying options will be good.

Lost 83k.
Don’t try.


By buying index options.

But how did you come to decision to buy lot of things here in the first place ? How did it come to anything like that ? What said to you that you will become profitable cause of elections ? And especially in index options today currently. Thanks.

I have position in banknifty 31400 call .
Buy 1 lot @107. Now price is 23. expiry 20 jun.
Should i book loss or wait till 20 jun.
Any chances in ur view to go up

Itna niche sell karne ka koi matlb nehi batna wait till tuesday…

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Buying options before significant event, like elections are, can be very risky for any investor. In this case you need to be very certain in which direction the market will move. Usually, during elections there might be significant surprises and because of that, strong market reaction